Kinki kreations, A Parent’s guide to natural black haircare for kids (145 pagina’s dik!) bevat instructies voor het maken van eenvoudige kapsels (braids, cornrows, twists etc) voor zowel jongens als meisjes en met het eigen haar. Het boek is in Nederland verkrijgbaar via She Sells natural hair books Hieronder een interview met Jena Renee Williams, auteur van Kinki Kreations What inspired you to write this book? The inspiration for the book came from frustration over seeing badly damaged, relaí hair on a child’s head, and from non-black adoptive parents struggling to style their child’s hair. How did you start braiding and how did it become your career? Braiding was a God-given talent. I started braiding at the age of five. No one believed I braided my hair at such a young age. People (family and friends) were amazed. As a result, they had me styling their hair. In college it became my hustle to help pay for loans. Braids were just becoming popular and I soon realized that my talents could earn me lots of money. I could be my own boss, and I loved what I was doing. You say in KINKI KREATIONS that natural hairstyles aren’t just about looking good on the outside, but on the inside, too. Could you tell what you mean by this? KINKI KREATIONS is also about self-esteem. After reading the book one can’t help but to embrace their God-given beautiful head of hair. You have to like you before anyone else can like you. You’re a professional, so you work with hair every day. Can a mom or dad who’s never braided really learn how to create these styles? Yes, there are step-by-step instructions available. Any advice for parents with kids that don’t like having their hair done? Make having their hair done a fun experience. Have your child read to you or watch a favorite movie. Two-Strand Twists This is a quick and easy style that’s truly simple. This style takes ten minutes to twenty-five minutes depending on the size of the twists. This hairstyle can be accomplished dry or wet and is great for swimming. Keep this style in your child’s hair for no longer than about two to three weeks. 1. Once the hair is combed through, using your hair clips, separate a small section of hair, about the size of a quarter. 2. Divide the hair into two even pieces. 3. Crisscross the right piece over the left piece and repeat this process until you get to the ends. The twist should resemble a rope. 4. If the hair is wet while you are styling it, it will naturally curl on the ends, sealing the twist. If you choose to blow-dry your daughter’s hair first, you can secure the ends with a barrette if her hair doesn’t stay together at the ends. Practice makes perfect. Soon you will be able to make the twists smaller. With time, you will increase your speed.