When and how did you start your business?


I opened my first salon in 1988, which sounds like such a long time ago, but truthfully it has flown by. I first started my passion for curly hair 20 years ago and so far, my curl craving is as strong as it was when I first began. In 2005 I opened the first Curly Hair Institute in Toronto, Canada. Every day our team works on many different curly hair scenarios and every curly hair scenario is a new experience.

Who works at Torch? What services do you offer?

Jonathan Torch surrounds himself with confident dedicated curly hair experts. Torch Believes when a team is in harmony with the same purpose it is amazing what powerful techniques and products emerge helping so many people with different personal curly hair issues.

What makes your products unique?
Curly Hair Solutions products have been specifically developed for curly hair. The ingredients in each product have undergone extensive research. Our products do not contain silicones or any other ingredients that build up and coat the hair. Curly Hair Solutions products became popular one bottle at a time because they provide high performance. They really work especially in humid weather conditions.

Which hair types can use CHS products?
All curly hair is affected by moisture and is prone to frizzx97it’s that simple. The only things that change are the techniques and application of the correct products specifically developed to solve individual curly dilemmas.

Are the products safe for people with allergies?

Perfectly healthy hair should have a pH of 4.5 to 5.5. PH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity. It is used as a scale for matching our environment to our body. Curly Hair Solutions products have all been balanced to maintain the perfect pH of healthy hair. This results in healthier, shinier and more controllable hair every time. Curly Hair Solutions products are gentle and safe for everyday use and never build up.

There are many reasons why people are allergic to products. People should always be aware of any ingredients that react to their body. However, it has been my experience that shampoos and conditioners that are not properly rinsed off the scalp can causes an itchy scalp which is often confused with allergies. I still recommend that they stop using the product and consult a physician.

Most popular product? Who should use this product?

Our most popular product has to be Curl Keeper. Curl Keeper will control all frizz every time in all weather conditions without the feel of having product in your hair. No matter how dry, frizzy or damaged your hair looks, Curl Keeper works. What has to be understood is that as no two curls are the same, so the technique of how to use Curl Keeper has to be adjusted by each individual..

Curl Keeper was recently appointed as best choice product by naturallycurly.com….
I have tons of confidence and faith in Curl Keeper, so it was rewarding to know that people have discovered the magic of Curl Keeper and appreciate its benefits as I have. I am so glad I continued and completed my research and development of Curl Keeper as it took years to perfect such a delicate formula.

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